The Beaches, Toronto

The Beaches, Toronto

September 1, 2010 | Short film | by Keith

A Silverpoint shoot-off challenge … What could possibly be better than visiting the beach on a beautiful Summer afternoon?

There is always something incredibly soothing and relaxing when going to the beach. It is particularly appropriate to find themselves there on a hot Summer day, as Keith, Stan, and myself (Josh) visited the Beaches on Lakeshore to film our second Silverpoint shoot-off.

If you’re a little behind and are asking, “what is this so-called shoot-off you speak of?” I urge/beg you to check out our last shoot-off post at [LINK KENSINGTON MARKET SHOOT OFF HERE] where you’ll get the details and origins of the shoot-off.

In any case, the three of us were ecstatic when deciding upon the location. What could possibly be better than visiting the beach on a beautiful Summer afternoon, and shooting no less. Personally the beach and making videos has been two loves of my life – and have spent many a hours doing both. However, mixing the two as we found out was not as easy or relaxing as you think.

I had soon realized that a typical day at the beach usually consisted of swimming trunks, a cooler of cold refreshing drinks, and a dip in the lake. However we found ourselves fully clothed; dark shirts no less, carrying camera equipment; in Stan’s case lugging a  30 pound shoulder mount setup while dragging his feet in the sand, and worse, no refreshing ice tea in our hands; as we needed one to steady the camera and the other to focus. Please excuse yourself if your answer to the hydration problem is auto-focus: BLASPHEMY!

*sigh, if only we had three hands – or Jenn our Intern.

I know I know, you’re sitting in your office with 100 emails waiting in the inbox, while Nancy from HR is hanging over your desk telling you about her lame weekend, and I’m complaining about going to the beach. It was in any case the incredible fatigue and dehydration that at least Stan and I suffered, which may have been the result of our “not so happy” pieces? Keith as always though was smiles from ear to ear as he would be happy shooting in middle of the Gobi desert, with no water, as so long as he has his camera – our fearless and energetic leader. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, while sitting at the restaurant patio and talking about our experience that day – it was still another GREAT day of shooting. In the end the experience produced three very unique pieces, pieces with a style and feel perhaps not usually associated with the beach on a sunny day. sorry, no Beach Boys in any of the videos.

*Lesson of the day: When shooting in hot weather – bring a camel back backpack! Cause you’ll need water and both your hands.

Anyways, here are the rules for this week…

1. All footage must be shot at the Beaches and the park surrounding the beach
2. All footage must be shot in 1.5 hours
3. No swimming with the camera

Joshua Chan
Equipment: Canon 7d, Canon 28-135mm f/ 3.5-5.6, Manfrotto Monopod

Keith Chang
Equipment: Canon 5d Mark II, Nikon 85mm 1.4, Manfrotto Monopod, Zacutto Z-finder

Stan Yamashita
Equipment: Canon 5d Mark II, Cinevate Core Package, VariND

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