Kessle R. Crane

Kessle R. Crane

October 21, 2010 | Short film | by Josh

On certain sets and projects you occasionally have a group of people that not only exceed your wildest expectations with their performance and work, but a group that you genuinely have fun working with.

I had previously written a rough draft of this blog topic as I usually do. Before publishing it I often ask my girlfriend to read it and make any gramatical changes needed. However after reading my latest “Kessle R Crane” blog she gave me but one critique, “it’s uninspiring”. What I had written was the chronological account of the production involved in making my latest short film “Kessle R. Crane”. In a nut shell: the shot-film competition created, idea in head, script written, casting, location scouting, film, and editing. That single sentence was just as exciting and unique as my previous increasingly long five paragraph draft. Everybody knows what consists of a film production, it rarely differs, and typically is far from being interesting or personable.


Kessle R. Crane shoot

The problem with my previous post was that I failed to focus on the one thing that made this project so special; the people =). awww. I know you guys are asking, when did you guys at Silverpoint become so gushy and sentimental? But its true! On certain sets, on certain projects, you occasionally have a group of people that not only exceed your wildest expectations with their performance and work, but a group that you genuinely have fun working with. On this Short, I was lucky enough to have crew that was not only extremely talented, but was completely devoted, even giving up a saturday just to film for fun. Though it was a healthy 6 hour shoot, there was never one time I saw anybody fade or appear like they didn’t want to be there. This was definitely one of the funnest shoots I’ve ever been on and I owe it to everybody there.


Kessle R. Crane shoot

Thanks; to Philip Marchand for an absolutely hilarious performance as Kessle R Crane, to Trevor Kluke for a knee slapping acting debut as Philip B Crane, to William Wegemer and Kyle Sietzema with the best supporting actor performances ever (p.s. we’re definitely expanding on your characters perhaps in a future short), to Will again and his wife Lois for providing us with props and a helping hand on set, and to Kim Doan and Erin Seo for handling all the various production tasks needed that day.

Kessle R. Crane shoot

A special thanks: to Keith Chang for the amazing cinematography, all the support, the time spent filming and editing the piece, and giving up the entire weekend. It’s also fitting in that case to thank Snejanna for allowing Keith to spend time with his 2nd wife, me. Don’t worry, Kim is beginning to feel the same way about Keith. And to Elaine Song, who spent just as much time on this project as Keith and myself, with no gain (like everyone else), but to create something entertaining and funny. Elaine, under a tight deadline, took the basic storyline and plot, and wrote an incredibly funny script. Make sure you check out more of this extremely talented writer www.elainesong.com. All in all, this piece couldn’t have been completed without everybody’s help. You guys were awesome!

Click here to see the details for the short film competition and check out Philip Bloom’s site. and click here to see the other entries.

Josh Chan

Story by
Josh Chan & Elaine Song

Elaine Song

Cast (in order of appearance)
Philip Marchand… Kessle R. Crane
Trevor Kluke… Philip B. Crane
William Wegemer… Will (knight)
Interviewer (voice) Kyle Sietzema… Knight

Josh Chan & Keith Chang

Keith Chang

Elaine Song & Lois Wegemer

Kim Doan

Other Crew & Production Assistants
Kim Doan & Erin Seo

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