Silverpoint shoot-off in Mono Park

Mono Park

November 16, 2010 | Short film | by Silverpoint

A Silverpoint shoot-off film challenge.

So it had been awhile since we had a shoot-off. I felt it was time to get the team out there and shoot again.The leaves had been changing colours and I know Stan had been itching to go out to the country side to shoot a nature piece. Stan found a park not to far away, so early next morning we set off on our road trip and hike.

Silverpoint shoot-off in Mono Park

Silverpoint shoot-off in Mono Park

It was absolutely beautiful as we arrived at Mono Provincial Park (near Orangeville), at around 7am. As Stan, Josh, Victor and myself set up, the sun was shinning and the colours were incredible. Upon hiking, it took us little more then 10ft from the parking lot before we were engulfed in some of the most scenic trails just North of Toronto. I think we spent little over an hour just within a 20ft radius. At one point I could hear stan yell, “we have so much to shoot and so little time”. The weather was beginning to look drab, and we had barely scratched the surface of what Mono Park had to offer. We quickly packed up and continued exploring.

Silverpoint shoot-off in Mono Park

We went down several trails and again found a great abundance to shoot. As we were running around shooting, Victor was trailing with a camera practicing his photography skills. What’s great about the shoot-offs is it has now attracted other members of Silverpoint, like Victor, to grow and perfect their skills in various mediums. Something we believe all people should continue doing if they have a passion for media.

As we hiked deeper into the park we found more and more hidden gems to film and photograph. By the end of it, we had hiked for about five hours and we were astonished with the amount of beautiful scenery available to film so close to home.  What was most interesting about Mono Park was the diversity in landscapes within one single area. At times it felt as if we were on a Hollywood lot, moving from one pristine set to another, and only within a matter of feet. We were, at the end of the day, incredibly satisfied and exhausted.

Silverpoint shoot-off in Mono Park

As a result, as we hit the road we all passed out instantly. Thank you to Vic for doing all the driving and the entire team for a great day!

Keith Chang
Equipment: Canon 7d, Nikon 50mm, Nikon 17-35mm, Canon 100mm, Sachtler Tripod

Joshua Chan
Equipment: Canon 7d, Canon 28-135mm, Canon 50mm 1.4, Lightcraft Workshop Vari-ND

Stan Yamashita
Equipment: Canon 5d, Canon 24-70L 2.8, Canon 100L 3.5-5.6, Lightcraft Workshop Vari-ND

Photos: Victor Chew
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