Traveling Rings – Bruno Angelico

Traveling Rings – Bruno Angelico

October 25, 2011 | News | by Keith

In LA, I met a local actor and traveling rings specialist, who transforms a piece of exercising equipment into a device for artistic awe-inspiring movement – almost like a dance.

Sorry it’s been a while since my last blog, we’ve been involved in a lot of interesting projects here at Silverpoint and as a result things have been very busy. Because of this, I’ll have to go back a couple months to get you updated on one of my recent trips to LA. In late August, I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot some photography at the MTV Music Award swag room. It was exciting being involved with all the hustle and bustle of the event, as well as seeing some of todays relevant stars. But in actuality this wasn’t the highlight of my trip.

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After the awards on one of my days off, I took a trip down to Venice Beach, a very interesting place full of many interesting people. With numerous activities and characters around every corner, the sites and sounds were endless.  After checking out the local surfers, watching a few pick up basketball games, and grabbing street meet, I decided to take a walk down the boardwalk to Santa Monica Beach. It was there at the beach that I saw the famous “traveling rings”.

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Completely captivated I stayed, watching seemingly ordinary men and women performing extraordinarily beautiful movements on the gymnastic like apparatus. Wanting to know more I introduced myself to Bruno Angelico, a local actor and “traveling rings” specialist, and asked him about the unique activity. He told me the rings originated in NYC and the only other ones were there in LA. What Bruno and a few others had done was transform the piece of exercising equipment into a device for artistic awe-inspiring movement – almost like a dance.

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As I photographed Bruno I realized that his skill on the traveling rings were far above those of anybody else. The twists and flips that he performed were incredible to capture and in the end produced some fantastic photos. Below I’ve also posted one of Bruno’s videos that really show his amazing talent on the “traveling rings” – make sure you check out more of his videos on his youtube channel.

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This was a great trip to LA full of new experiences. I love my job!!!

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*Click on the photo to see a trailer on youtube

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