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The New Beats Era

December 8, 2011 | Short film | by Keith

Featuring Thrizzo a.k.a. Spex a.k.a. Stephen.

Some people are just born with talent! I met Spex (or Thrizzo) a few years ago through our good friend Jezz. He mentioned that Spex had an incredible flair for creating music and orchestrating tracks for the Hip Hop industry.  As fate would draw our talents together, I bumped into him performing on Yonge St., and equipped with my camera, I took the opportunity to start filming. The result was an interesting short about the drumming buskers who perform at Yonge and Dundas St., a popular location in downtown Toronto.  If you would like to check out the video, read our previous blog about buskering here.

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After some time had passed, I realized a greater need for customized music for our clients. We had long exhausted the stock music out there and wanted to provide a much higher caliber of custom music to complement our videos and animations. If we were going to create a ‘cinematic’ experience, it was not only important that we could stimulate visually, but also through the power and emotion of sound. At this point, there was only one solution, Spex joining the Silverpoint team.

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For the past few months working with Spex, I’ve realized that inspiration comes from many directions. I have always tried to keep an open mind, and I have quickly realized with the help of Spex, how visual ideas can inspire music, and how music has motivated me to test my visual art.

As with many things, words cannot describe what is best seen and heard. So I ask you to press play and enjoy one of the latest collaboration between Spex and Silverpoint Media.

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