The Award of Innovation Goes To…

The Award of Innovation Goes To…

December 13, 2012 | News | by Silverpoint

We are the proud winners of the Markham Board of Trade’s Business Excellence Award in Innovation!

All of the Silverpoint team attended the Markham Board of Trade dinner party several weeks ago. We suited up, dressed up, and were looking quite spiffy when we waltzed into the Gala room at the Hilton Garden, on highway seven. Yet, our jaws were clamped in anticipation. The company was nominated alongside another Markham company for “Innovation,” a Business Excellence Award.

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Three of our close Markham friends came over to greet us. Brian O’Connor, President of Reed Jones LTD, wished us the best as we entered the room. Maria Dimson, Director of UHS, gave us an encouraging wave and smile as she walked by with Debra Cooper Burger, President & CEO of UHS. We all felt truly blessed and humbled to be able to mix with such an aspiring crowd. The meal was delicious, but I felt that it was hardly appreciated to its fullest with the coming awards ceremony…

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When our award name came up, we all sat on the edge of our seats. We were more nervous than Keith, and he was the one that had to receive the award.

“And the award of Innovation goes to… SILVERPOINT MEDIA-”

Before Keith could even let it soak in, he heard an exclamation from everyone around the table, startling him into consciousness! He was stunned and happy at the same time.

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This is one moment from 2012 that the whole team will cherish and take with them into the new year.

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Congratulations team, let’s keep up the energy!

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