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What Music Does for the Soul

December 6, 2012 | News | Opinion | by Stephen

Music is the universal language.

You may know Keith, and Stan, and Josh, and Serena, Boris, and Ray, and Jenn, and Victor…

But what about Stephen?…

Stephen is known as Thrizzo or Spexx. His involvement in the world of music started at a young age and crescendo’d into a blooming career by the time he graduated from college. When asked why he loves music so much, Thrizzo says he loves to watch people’s reactions. To know that he has made them feel something – escape out of their lives into a world that he has created. A stirring of emotion that a soundtrack, no matter what genre, can inspire. He also loves feedback from his family, friends, and fans! I then asked him what instruments he plays and he told me humbly,

“just guitar, piano, drums, and base.”

From soul, funk, and classic rock to hip hop, techno, electro, and dubstep – he surrounds himself with all forms of music to inspire his own development as an artist… Here is his story:

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I started getting into music at the age of 11 when my parents enrolled me in piano lessons. The new conservatory proved at first to be uninteresting, and I felt I had to force myself to practice and improve my skill set. All I really wanted to do was write music. I produced my first song with my Dad and Brother and played it for my piano teacher. It impressed her so much that she bumped me up from level one to level three. However, shortly after this progress I left piano lessons behind me.

In grade seven, I got my hands on a guitar. Looking back today, I realized how true it is when people say piano is a base instrument to learn all other instruments. I learned guitar really fast. My brother was also playing guitar at the same time and my parents put him into lessons. At a young age, I was quite aware of the cost of musical lessons so instead of asking my parents, I learned everything from my brother’s notes. In his spare time, he also patiently taught me. The first song I learned was “Wish you Were Here” – Pink Floyd. The funny part is that I began to excel so greatly in guitar that I passed my brother’s skill level. But I owe it all to him.

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In high school, I wrote my first solo track for guitar. From grade 10 to 11, though, I began producing hip hop beats – something totally outside my comfort zone. This developed into one of my strongest passions to date. I unfortunately produced on and off until first year of college at Seneca. I told myself, it is time to get serious and this is exactly what I did.

Having grown up away from the city, it wasn’t until I was 18 that one day I said, “it is time to go see Toronto.” I bussed it down and walked along the bustling streets at night. It is then I came across my now long time friend Mike, a professional busker. He was playing his left handed drum set while an unused right set sat directly beside him. My first visit became a weekly routine and soon I got up the courage to play alongside Mike.

Click this link to hear the rest of the story.

A year later, I met Jeff, aka J.Moy. He brought me on board with DrunkenFists and I helped to produce half of their first album, Once Upon a Time in China.

By 2011, I hadn’t spent a great amount of time showcasing my work, so when the Battle of Beat Makers came rolling around, I jumped at the chance to finally put my musical skills to the test. I was a finalist in the competition and realized how popular beats are with people: soon after, this lead to my discovery of dubstep. My progression from classical, to guitar, to hip hop and now electro makes me appreciate the vast expansive variety that music encompasses. And I soak it all up!

“Music is the universal language and it does wonders for the soul. It provides clarity, even if it is only for the duration of the song.”

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