PDAC Convention 2013: Part of Your Winter Event Line Up

February 28, 2013 | Client projects | by Adrienne

Can you hear it, the buzz in downtown Toronto?

It’s the sound of the city gearing up for PDAC 2013 March 3rd to
6th. Over 30 thousand people associated with the minerals industry will visit the annual convention hosted by the Prospectors
and Developers Association
of Canada.

Collage 1

Silverpoint is thrilled to be a part of it, creating the promo video to help attendees navigate the events, creating profile videos on this year’s award winners and shooting all aspects of the convention.

Producing the promo video created some unique challenges for Silverpoint. There was limited footage available in the PDAC archives. We had to blend the available footage and
stills from various sources and still create a cohesive look. The answer was motion graphics.

Collage 2

Using the graphics for PDAC 2013 we designed a video encouraging delegates to plan their time at the convention. In one case there were no screen shots or footage available for the feature being highlighted.  It was Mobi, the mobile convention guide. It’s an APP that allows delegates to use their mobile phone to navigate the exhibits; book and schedule meetings and sessions they want to attend. Ray, our motion graphics specialist, literally created something from scratch, replicating the look and use of the APP using existing stills and motion graphics.

The same motion graphic magic was used to bring the interactive floor plan to life, showing how delegates can search and access information on specific exhibitors.

Overall, we encourage you to come out and explore the mineral world in Toronto. Download the APP, I know we are using the same technology to plan our shoot at the convention, and see you there!

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