PDAC 2013: From the Convention to the Awards Dinner

March 13, 2013 | Client projects | by Silverpoint

We have been with the PDAC for seven years.

The PDAC is a three day convention that takes place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre every year. If you are interested to hear more about the conference part, click here and our promo will guide you through the main attractions and events. This year we documented the entire conference for the PDAC 2014 promo film, so stay tuned to our future blogs.

When the sun goes down, however, and the meeting rooms regain their hushed state, the PDAC council puts on fantastic evening events that span the entire three days. The awards dinner is the first night and the dinner gala the final.

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When we look back to our first involvement with the awards ceremony through powerpoint presentations, we can’t help but smile. To what it has developed into today, we thank the council for allowing us to grow artistically alongside them. This year, we were responsible for creating the six award videos: Skookum Jim, Viola MacMillan, Distinguished award, Environmental & Social Responsibility, Thayer Lindsley, and Bill Dennis award. We were honoured to be able to tell the companies’ and individuals’ stories through film.

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While Adrienne put the scripts together, Josh and Stan and sometimes Keith flew all over Canada capturing the award recipients in their homes and work areas. Josh and I aided in the post editing work and I had a blast exploring each company/person.

The awards night was a grand success and it is always thrilling for us to see these people in person and to watch their reactions to the videos.

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