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Galten Farms: A Day with the Schickedanz Horses

July 11, 2013 | Short film | by Silverpoint

We had four hours to shoot at Galten Farms, Markham, ON. We had open space, plenty of sunshine, and horses by the dozens.

Hey Silverpointers, we are finally bringing you our first shoot-off of the new year and this time we got more of the team involved. We had four hours to shoot at Galten Farms, Markham, ON. We had open space, plenty of sunshine, and horses by the dozens. From the barn to the field to the ravine, our possibilities were endless. Then, our challenge was to return back to the studio and prepare something to showcase in one week.

While the film team scattered around capturing the horses, our Project Manager, Serena So, led Boris (Animator) and Ray (Motion Graphic Designer) around the farm and to the back where they photographed the ravine.

Here are our results. We are really excited to share our experiences with you:

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Stan – “A Horse Story”

This was my first experience with filming horses and it was a challenge. At least half of the time out in the field was just getting the horses to calm down and be comfortable with our presence. Eventually I was able to get very close …

Collage 1

Many of the shots were with one hand holding the camera and the other embracing the horse. Being so close I found the texture of the hair, details such as the eyes and hoof, and even their calming demeanour very interesting. It was a delightful challenge to capture these magnificent animals so intimately.

“When I bestride him, I soar; I am a hawk: he trots the air; the earth sings when he touches it; the basest horn of his hoof is more musical than the pipe of Hermes.” – William Shakespeare (Henry V).

Music Credit: Spiegel im Spiegel

Composed by Arvo Part

Serena – Photography

This was my first shoot-off with the Silverpointers, and we were scheduled to shoot at Galten Farms. It was an exciting trip as I’d never been there before.

I went in with no expectations other than to be creative. When I finally arrived at Galten, I was amazed by the gorgeous landscape, and became enamoured with all the horses (and foals!!) on-site. I decided to document what was there at the farm – as well as taking some photos of the crew behind-the-scenes. It’s not often I get to watch them in action.

My personal challenge for this shoot-off was to play around with different framing of subjects and environment in my photos. It wasn’t easy to do, especially when photographing constantly moving subjects, like horses. It took patience and timing to achieve some of the shots I wanted.

I typically enjoy warmer, more vintage tones in photos, so this is what I kept in mind during the post-production.

Overall, this was a refreshing experience to get an opportunity to be creative with no restrictions. I look forward to future shoot-offs with the team.

Collage 2

SF Collage (1500px)

Collage 3

Josh – “Running Free”

During elementary school I went on a field trip to a farm. During the trip, we participated in many typical farm-like activities. This included milking cows, shearing sheep, and of course horse drawn hayrides. Unfortunately, that day I also found out I was allergic to almost everything found on farms; grass, cats, ragweed, numerous trees, and of course hay and horses. So needless to say, when we were given the opportunity to shoot at Galten Farms I was not particularly excited.

Collage 8

Shooting with a short time constraint is already hard enough, shooting with watery eyes, itchy skin, and a stuffy nose can be unbearable. However my concerns quickly dissipated as I began to shoot. The energy and excitement of the horses soon transferred to myself, as I was in awe of the power, speed, grace, and beauty of the animals. It was those traits that distracted me from my allergy symptoms. It was those traits that inspired my film.

Music Credit: “Vagabond”

Written by Myles HeskettChris Ross, and Andrew Stockdale

Performed by Wolfmother

Courtesy of Interscope Records

Under license from Universal Music Enterprises  

Boris – Photography

With my photos, I wanted to capture something tranquil, but mysterious at the same time. These are moments that I will like to revisit, even if in my mind, to receive peace, concentration, and strength.

Collage 6

Collage 4

Collage 5

Jennifer – “Straight From the Foal’s Mouth”

If you asked anyone who knew me when I was younger, they will tell you I have always had a fascination with horses. From sporadic horse back riding experiences to a week at Pleasure Valley horse camp, I loved petting and being atop these wonderful creatures. This of course still carries over today, and I always welcome a trip to any stable full of horses.

Collage 6

At Galten Farms, we were basically allowed to roam free and since it was my first time playing with foals, this became my immediate focus. From here I decided to shoot in 60p to capture all their prancing in slow motion. What was really interesting was how curious they were – literally coming up and nosing my camera lens. They were also unpredictable. This made for an extremely enjoyable and challenging morning where I was running around a wide expanse of land and capturing the foals with their mothers.

Music credit: Extraordinary Machine

Written & Performed by Fiona Apple

Produced by Mike Elizondo

Courtesy of Epic Records

Ray – Photography

I always wanted to learn how to take photos using a professional camera – not just a point-and-shoot. I thought it was the perfect chance to start. I had an idea in mind and I wanted to execute it. The challenge was learning how to use a Nikon D3 camera since it was my first time (other than using a point-and-shoot). My main idea/goal was to create a abstract poster/collage using elements and pieces from the photos that I have taken.

Collage 9

It was for the most part, a learning experience that I fully enjoy and embrace. I learned a lot from using the camera and going into post-production. From critiques to my own failures, there are definitely things that I can take with me now to advance in my craft.


Collage 7B

Closing Remarks

Everyone seemed to feel the same way: at peace with nature and in awe of the horses. A big warm welcome and thanks to Galten Farms, Markham, for letting us capture all the magic that you get to experience daily on your farm. Charlotte and Tom you are truly blessed and so we are we for getting to share these moments with you.

Your Happy Team,

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