Vine – 6 second videos

Vine – 6 second videos

July 15, 2013 | Opinion | by Catherine

Vine is a new social media app created by Twitter. It allows viewers to create and upload six second videos. Like twitter, you can follow other people and companies and watch their videos either from the Vine app or on Twitter.

Vine vs. Instagram

Vine is a new social media app created by Twitter. It allows viewers to create and upload six second videos. Like twitter, you can follow other people and companies and watch their videos either from the Vine app or on Twitter. Although it sounds very simple, there are lots of very creative and interesting videos around. It was originally launched for iPhone in January, and recently released for the Android platform. By the time Instagram released their version of the video feature, Vine had over 13 million users and in mid June had been in the number one spot on Apple’s top free apps list.

Instagram, an app that originated on the iOS platform, was purchased in April 2012 by Facebook for $1 Billon. Since then, they’ve increased to 130 million users and approximately 16 billion photos. According to Systrom, there are approximately 1 billion ‘likes’ every day on Instagram. On June 20, 2013, Instagram released its new video feature allowing users to upload 15 second videos and overlay filters for a vintage look. Within 24 hours, 5 million videos had been uploaded and at its peak, users were uploading 40 hours of video per minute.

Just 10 days after Instagram’s new release, Vine shares on Twitter plunged to less than one third the number seen in mid June and fell to number 16 on Apple’s top free apps chart by July 7… and the number of downloads continues to drop.

Shots of the newly updates Vine app with the new Camera features and “Explore” function


A New Vine

At the beginning of July, in an attempt to gain back some users, Vine released an update, adding new, unique features they hoped would give them an edge over Instagram. Among the newly added features are new camera tools, including a grid overlay and “ghost” frame feature, and (on Android) a capture widget that allows you to jump to your Vine camera straight from the home screen. Also, re-vining, a sharing tool similar to retweeting on twitter was introduced. Their biggest addition, was the new “Explore” feature, where users can submit their videos to different channels, and others can explore these channels and watch popular videos in every category. Creators of Vine also announced that they would be bringing the app to the Windows Phone 8 platform, a place where Instagram has no presence.

Who’s using Vine?

While it seems Vine is expanding and adding new, interesting features, there are still significantly less uploads than on Instagram. Some believe Vine is slowly dying (the #RIPVine hashtag has nearly 40,000 posts on Instagram), others see great promise. Early data shows that Vine videos are shared four times more often than other kinds of internet video, according to Unruly Media’s research. Its no wonder several companies have tried Vine as part of their marketing.


Oreo created #OreoSnackHacks to show different ways to have Oreos.

Marc Jacobs

This vine video goes behind the scenes and showcases the patterns and styles of their staff.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters, teaming up with Converse, is one of the first to hold a Vine contest. Users had to submit videos about their own Chucks and how they wear and use them.

French Connection

The company teamed with Photographer, Meagan Cignoli to create a series of summer-themed stop motion videos.

It seems both Vine and Instagram have great benefits, and people are trying both. Instagram may have created a huge surge when they released Video, but I think Vine will eventually catch up, seeing the potential interest it is already starting to generate.

Want to see some more great Vine videos? Check out Ricevine.com, a blog highlighting some of the best Vine videos.


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