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The Time Loop: A Word from Our Summer Intern

September 12, 2013 | Short film | by Jenn

One thing that happens behind the scenes at Silverpoint is our mentorship and internship program.

Three Years Ago…

In fact, that is how I started here three and a half years ago (Jennifer – Film Editor). During my undergraduate education, I applied to come to Silverpoint for the summer to gain some experience in the production industry.


This past summer Chris Gagel, a first year University student from UWO/Fanshawe, came to Silverpoint to learn about film. Josh mentored him on the production side, while I gave him some tips on the editing side. For the most part, though, it was an independent project. Here is his experience…

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Chris Gagel: Reflection

I came to Silverpoint as an intern looking to expand my knowledge in the media arts, and that is exactly what I found here.  I’ve realized that the world of media production is much larger than I had originally imagined and that there is still a lot to learn. I know that my experiences here have laid the groundwork for my future in this field and I look forward to increasing the skills I have gained here. Thanks Silverpoint for helping me out!

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The short film I created, The Time Loop, is about a witness caught in a homicide crime scene who quickly realizes the criminal is himself. I had a lot of fun making my short film and I was glad the Silverpoint employees lent their time to help me with the project. The Time Loop can now be used as my own portfolio piece, and I am proud of the film I have created. One thing I can take away from this project, if I had to choose, was how much research it takes to create various on-screen elements. For example, I spent an entire weekend learning how to mix fake blood, and create a realistic blood flow on set (don’t worry, nobody was harmed in the making of this film).

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Jennifer fell in love with storytelling from an early age and pursued an undergraduate joint degree in English and Film studies. Cinema studies led her into the production industry and to Silverpoint Media. She also loves music, yoga, and nineteenth century English culture (Sherlock anyone?).

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