Liam Scott: The Art of Communication

Liam Scott: The Art of Communication

October 10, 2013 | Client projects | by Silverpoint

This week for our blog we decided to reach out to a long time Silverpoint friend and partner, Liam Scott.

He appeared in our blog last week in collaboration with Silverpoint and Equicom. He co-wrote the Equicom story script and worked alongside Dave Crainford on set. Here is his story…

Liam Scott

I’ve spent the last 15 years helping people shape the way they’re perceived in public. They are executives, guest speakers, and other personalities, and my job depends on how well I can live inside their heads. I write their speeches. Shape their presentations. Propose and produce their videos. Liven up their letters.  And the like.
Earlier this year I took on what turned out to be my toughest client: myself. Writing a new website (<ahref=”http://www.liamscott.com”>www.liamscott.com) was hard enough.  But I just couldn’t conceive of how to create the accompanying films.

So I decided to do an experiment.  I would ask Silverpoint to do what I normally do for my clients. I’d give them the barest of instruction, and ask them to present me, my approach, and the way I think to the whole wide world. I think that’s where Silverpoint is at their best. A blank canvas, where their own backgrounds, knowledge, perception, and simple understanding of human nature can take over. (Their way-ahead-of-their time creative and technical skills are just a bonus.)

And take over they did. All I did was show up at the shoot. I never touched a script or recommended a style. I didn’t even look
at the raw footage.  But I did approve every single one of the 6 films on the very first cut. I did not ask for one single change. I didn’t need to.

Why not? One of my clients said it best:  “What I liked about those videos is that they show the real you. There’s no distance between who you are right here and who you seem to be on there.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

You can visit Liam Scott’s website (posted above) to see the rest of the films. Truly an inspirational individual.

Thanks Liam!

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