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Toughing It Out at Mount St Louis

November 21, 2013 | News | Opinion | by Silverpoint

A few of Silverpoint’s young and brave stepped up to the Tough Mudder challenge at Mount St. Louis this year. Want to know how each of them fared?

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Before the obstacle course began…

When I arrive at the entrance of Mount St. Louis, I experience a flood of nervous and excited energy from the hundreds of participants signing in for their race. Many, including our own, were warming up, stretching, and chatting anxiously with their team to psych themselves up for the Tough Mudder challenge.

The energy got me ready to photograph what I will refer to as the “before” shots (haha) of the team, before they started the obstacle course – Serena So (Photographer).

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“No mudder gets left behind. It is not a race, it is a challenge!”

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Our Experiences:


The toughest aspect of Tough Mudder was definitely trekking up and down the eight to ten ski trails. After numerous kilometers of running, multiple challenging obstacles, as well as the growing pains in my muscles and joints that accumulated progressively throughout the race, the last thing I ever wanted to do was climb up a hill that was designed to be skied down leisurely.


The hardest aspect of Tough Mudder was overcoming the constant warning bell in the back of your head that tells you: maybe you shouldn’t be jumping off of a 20ft plank or crawling through 10,000 volts of electroshock therapy and water… You have to ignore your defensive instincts and just do it.


The biggest challenge was knowing that, for myself, I had to complete every obstacle. In order to achieve this, I really focused on the preparation. Knowing that I was going to have to jump into a pool of ice, be electrocuted, take a leap of faith into a fog-filled chimney-shoot, AND potentially failing to complete an obstacle… Therefore I had to train for the event a couple of weeks prior to the race to make sure that I had no excuse to complete the event.


The toughest part for me came after I experienced cramping on both my legs, which came about 1/4 of the way through the circuit. From that point, the obstacles, going up and down the ski hills, and the length of the run became very mentally and physically challenging.

Throughout the day that buzzing excitement slowly evolved into fatigue, frustration, and sheer determination. Most noticeably, though, the sense of camaraderie became stronger as the course wore on and the obstacles (and hills) took their toll.

I wanted to focus more on documenting teamwork, rather than the individuals themselves. When I was able to get close for a shot, I was right alongside the team, documenting every seemingly tiring moment of the way – Serena

Favourite participant moments:

My favourite moment was at the end of the monkey bars when I actually made it across. I knew for sure this was one obstacle I would fail and it felt exhilarating to know I passed it – Jenn

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When Jenn made it across the monkey bars and we were ALL rooting her on! That moment made it worthwhile to be there! Massaging Ray was a close second – Victor

My favourite moment was jumping off the 20ft plank and into about 15ft of water. This obstacle was fun because I am getting closer to getting rid of my fear of drowning – Ray

My favourite individual moments were completing some of the obstacles unique to Tough Mudder. There’s something satisfying about taking on challenges that are physically daunting, scary, or unexpected. Some of the more memorable obstacles for me were: walk the plank, funky monkey, arctic enema, smoke chute, everest, and of course electroshock therapy – Josh

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Best team moment: Vic massaging my cramped up legs and my teammates staying with me along the way – Ray

Experiencing and finishing the entire race together was the best team moment for me. Tough Mudder is something you can’t accomplish by yourself. So to share all the same stories, accomplishments, as well as aches and pains, is something unique to this particular race, and our team. Together, It was a team challenge we won’t ever forget – Josh

Being able to help out the team, whether it be through motivation, a physical push/pull or massage therapy – Victor

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Favourite team moment was the “Mudder Mile Obstacle.” We all had to get dirty and it was an extremely slippery and gruelling trek – Jenn

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Will we challenge ourselves next year?

Definitely, with the right incentive and purpose – Ray

I would most likely not run it again, as I enjoyed Spartan Race more. I wasn’t too keen on the fact that it would take 3+hrs to complete… and running up and down the ski hill multiple times is not appealing – Victor

I would definitely run it again. But would aim to improve my time – Josh

Yes, definitely to get a better time and maybe in a different obstacle course outside of Ontario, Canada – Jenn

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Serena So

My favourite moment was watching our team selflessly help out other Tough Mudders who were in pain from leg cramps after the “Berlin Wall,” because that obstacle wasn’t easy.

The happiest moment would undoubtedly be when the SP team crossed that finish line, though. Never have I seen such big smiles and gratified faces. I couldn’t help but feel so proud of their accomplishment.Congratulations everyone!


The showers after the race were not heated…

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Yours truly,

Some muddy Silverpointers

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