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Virgin America marketing campaign: Fly Away With Me

December 5, 2013 | Opinion | by Jenn

Most of us have travelled before. How many of us can perfectly describe aircraft safety regulations for any aircraft? I am guessing the majority of us can recite the rules as painlessly as eating cereal for breakfast. Yet, we all can probably admit that after viewing these videos once, our attention never returns to the videos again.

In a recent marketing campaign, Virgin America airlines released an exciting video that revolutionizes the flyers viewing experience. In a musical and trendy style, a group of young adults and children sing and rap and dance to a song that reviews aircraft safety regulations.

While most videos review safety information in an almost robotic and emotionless way, there is something very real about this video. For instance, it is true that most of us can safely operate a seatbelt. But the Stewardess knows she still has to go over the information “for the 0.001 percent of you who have never operated a seatbelt before.” This lets the viewer know that, ‘hey we know you are all smart cookies. The airline is just following standard procedure so bear with us for twenty seconds.’

As most people are better at retaining music than they are facts, this video really works to engage our attention and activate our memory sensors.

My immediate question after watching this video is, who is the target audience? When we look at the people participating in the ‘on-flight’ experience, they are all under the age of 30. This is the target audience and may at first appear limiting. Luckily all musicals, no matter how modern they are, always call back to the classical Hollywood musical era. This becomes inviting to all generations, even our grandparents.

Congratulations to Virgin America and your marketing department for coming up with an original way of following safety laws and engaging with your viewers simultaneously.

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Jennifer fell in love with storytelling from an early age and pursued an undergraduate joint degree in English and Film studies. Cinema studies led her into the production industry and to Silverpoint Media. She also loves music, yoga, and nineteenth century English culture (Sherlock anyone?).

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