CMHF 2015 inductee films by Silverpoint Media

Location, Location: Profiling the 2015 Canadian Mining Hall of Fame Inductees

January 20, 2015 | Client projects | by Amanda

Montreal, Howick, Markham, Victoria, Vancouver—the production of this year’s Canadian Mining Hall of Fame inductee films took us over 8000 km and into the lives of four adventurers.

The process of making four biographies simultaneously is a giant undertaking and involves the effort of a full team to come to fruition. From a research and writing standpoint, I can attest to the challenge of condensing a lifelong career path into a few minutes’ time—often you have more than one story thread, and you can’t follow them all (if you’re a writer, this is the most common cause of insomnia).

CMHF 2015 inductee films by Silverpoint Media

What sticks out for me in the process of creating this year’s films is the incredible variety of shooting sites that reflected the personalities of the inductees. From a movie theatre in Vancouver to a river bank in rural Québec, the crew shot in disparate conditions fit for a camera test. Beyond visual intrigue, the locations added depth to the stories in a way that boardrooms alone couldn’t have achieved. I hadn’t met any of the interviewees prior to the shoots and there’s something about walking around a personal garden or having a tea in their kitchen that adds an instant sense of familiarity to an individual’s story, and the character of the final edit.

Get comfy and follow the paths of these intrepid explorers below:

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