The importance of pre-interviews

Preparing for Your Shoot: The Importance of Pre-Interviews

May 26, 2015 | Opinion | by Amanda

Creating an engaging video piece takes a great amount of planning well before the first shot is filmed.

Whether you’re relatively new to the video production process or preparing for an on camera interview, we know it can be a little daunting. One of the most important things we can do to make the transition from pre-production to finished piece as smooth as possible is a step called “The Pre-Interview”. Almost always in the form of a phone call or Skype, the Pre-Interview is an introduction process between our resident writer and the on-camera interviewee that has proven time and time again to be invaluable for both sides.

Benefits for the interviewee

Without needing to worry about shooting set up and constraints, the pre-interview allows you to establish a familiarity with both the interviewer and the subjects that will be discussed during the shoot itself. It also gives you the chance to ask any questions that might arise from the planned topics. We want you to feel comfortable with us because this translates into an increased comfort level during your on-camera interview. Whether you’re an on-camera novice or a seasoned pro, having background on the types of questions that we will ask and establishing a relationship with your interviewer leaves you prepared and ready to provide thoughtful but unscripted responses. Why unscripted? Audiences connect with conversational answers far more than ones that have been rigorously scripted. Having some familiarity with the topic of discussion and putting it into your own words will always feel more organic than a teleprompted response.

Benefits for the story

While the writing and research teams independently look for information, it is often the pre-interview that brings captivating new tidbits and resources to light. Some of the strongest stories and antidotes have arisen from a brief pre-interview discussion.

In an era of text communication, the importance of a tangible voice to voice conversation can not be overstated when the ultimate goal is to find and tell the strongest narrative possible through interviews and visuals. Ultimately, we are all working together for the same end goal- to present your story in a captivating way.

Sometimes the best stories are the ones that can’t be Googled.

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