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June 9, 2015 | Opinion | by Amanda

Music fest season has officially arrived in Toronto and to mark the occasion we wanted to share some of our beloved music videos.

While it was too difficult to come up with *absolute* favourites—these are a selection of videos that have resonated with us.

Michelle’s pick: Bachelorette – Björk

“Michel Gondry’s handcrafted style is whimsical, magical and unique (just like Björk). I love the practical effects used to create the mise-en-abîme effect, like the adorable simplified trains and theatres. It’s a highly artistic video that explores the theme of self-reference, celebrity, and losing one’s identity, without going over your head—which makes it unpretentious and likeable.”


Amanda’s pick: This Too Shall Pass (Marching Band Version) – OK GO

“Regardless of how you feel about OK GO musically—there’s no denying that they have created some of the most watchable music videos in the last decade. From burning animations on expired slices of toast, to playing a row of pianos in the desert with a moving car, I’m always excited to see what they’ll do next. “This Too Shall Pass” has two music videos and I think it says says a lot about their production methods that I have a slight preference for this one over the life-size Rube Goldberg machine version. There’s something about watching an entire marching band rise up from a pile of brush that makes my heart sing. The sheer level of planning and choreographing that went into making something so “simple” is inspiring. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go frolic in a bathtub filled with Wheaten Terriers.”


Timon’s pick: Star guitar – The Chemical Brothers

“There’s nothing like staring out the window of a train/plane/bus while listening to great music and experiencing the sensation of everything clicking into place. This one perfectly captures the moment when you have your own soundtrack.”


Nathan’s pick: Woodkid Series of Videos – Yoann Lemoine

“While starting out on my journey into the film industry, I was constantly inspired by the music video world and the talent that was involved (not including the next One Direction video!) It’s almost easier for me to discuss my favourite directors. Yoann Lemoine’s incredible creative vision and purposeful direction on the Woodkid series including, Iron, Run Boy Run and I Love You leads to one of the greatest series of music videos ever produced. He also has produced gritty narratives for Lana Del Ray and Moby. Bonus Director: Nabil who is simply a creative wrecking ball smashing the industry with his unique style and approach.”


Craig’s pick: Bailando – Enrique Iglesias

“One Saturday morning I had a painstaking wait at an electronics store and I thought I would check out the sound room. Bailando started to play and this video just makes you feel alive. Suddenly, the wait was tolerable.”


Stephen’s pick: Lost You (feat. Twin Shadow & D’Angelo Lacy) – Zeds Dead

“Along with how well the song is written and composed, the imagery portrayed is both paradoxical and eclectic. This combination is a rare one and when done well, the finished product makes the music video beautiful and visually stimulating.”

If you have a favourite music video that we need to see, please share with us below!

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