My Son, Christopher

My Son, Christopher: A Story of Hope, Faith and ALS

November 9, 2016 | Short film | by Silverpoint

All of our projects at Silverpoint are special, but our latest project ‘My Son, Christopher’ holds an extra special place in our hearts.

Cherrie-Marie Chiu, the Executive Director of ALS Double Play, approached us to make a film about her brother, Christopher, who had been living with ALS since November 2011. She wanted to raise awareness of just how devastating the disease is to those afflicted and their loved ones.

After witnessing Christopher’s daily schedule and interviewing those closest to him, including his immediate family, his best friend Jeffery, as well as his cousins, we decided to tell Christopher’s story from the point of view of his mother, Alicia. There is nothing stronger than a mother’s touch, as mothers love their children in a way that goes beyond language, and they carry their children’s dreams as their own. As his primary caregiver throughout childhood and now again as he battles ALS, Alicia’s love is truly inspiring.

We filmed for three days with Christopher and his family, documenting their daily routine and getting an intimate look at their struggles, and the hope they had for finding a cure. The Chiu family is a testament to how faith and the power of love can move mountains.

Christopher sadly passed away on October 31st, 2016. We wish Christopher’s family strength in the days that lie ahead.

Christopher may be gone but his legacy will live on. We hope that this film moves you as much as it has moved us. Telling Christopher’s story has touched our hearts in an unforgettable way.


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