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Cadillac Fairview

Get To Know Who We Are


Cadillac Fairview is one of the largest operators and developers of office and retail space in North America. Their properties include landmarks such as the Toronto-Dominion Centre, CF Toronto Eaton Centre, and CF Pacific Centre.


Cadillac Fairview is proactive in the recruitment and retention of talented employees and view this strategy as an important component to their success. This method has proven effective for Cadillac Fairview; they were awarded the title of Best Employer in Canada by Aon Hewitt for 2015. To emphasise their focus on attracting new talent, both an English and French film were commissioned enabling CF to target top talent in both markets.


According to Cadillac Fairview’s internal research, they found employees were most engaged in three main areas—an interesting work environment, a supportive culture, and leadership development. The film was then conceived through real employee stories that reflected these corporate characteristics and told in a way that would make the viewer want to share in the CF experience. The approach creatively was to create a sense of wonderment within the physical space that the employees are within. This feeling carries over to how the employee interacts with their environment and to suggest that they are at home within the space. The production took place at several of CF’s flagship properties in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto.

The Outcome

The films garnered praise from all levels of the organization and is used as an effective tool to further demonstrate CF’s progressive employee engagement both internally and externally. CF was also recently named Greater Toronto’s Top Employer for 2016.

View the French version here: Get To Know Who We Are (Français)

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