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Chiefs of Ontario

Elders and Youth Gathering

Comprised of 133 First Nations, the Chiefs Of Ontario functions as a forum and office for local, regional and national matters affecting the First Nations People of Ontario. The Elders and Youth Water Gathering arose out of the need to approach prevalent water issues from a multi-generational perspective.


The short documentary of the 2015 Elders and Youth Water Gathering was created to raise awareness of the event amongst First Nations communities and as a call to action to address the plight of our water supply to policymakers and the public at large.


With a tight shooting schedule and a number of events to capture, the two camera crew needed to keep set-ups nimble and light. For the Water Walk, both cameras were always on the move and needed to remain unobtrusive so as not to impede any ceremonies.

Chiefs of Ontario - behind the scenes

When it came to editing the narrative, the intent and emotions of the interviewees were kept front of mind in order to weave together the authentic voice of the film. The production and post team worked to capture and include the spiritual moments of the gathering and ultimately the filming of the drum circle session added so much to the final product—both visually and from a soundtrack perspective.

The Outcome

The film originally screened at the 41st Annual All Ontario Chiefs conference and has since been publicly released to encourage further water advocacy. Its focus on youth engagement has resulted in positive feedback from audiences who feel inspired by the genuine passion of the participants.

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