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Crescent School Basketball

Journey to the Top

Crescent School is an independent elementary and secondary boys school located in Toronto. In November 2014, Crescent hosted the 2014 Canadian Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) Senior Boys Basketball Tournament, featuring 20 teams from across the country.


As the Crescent Senior Boys Basketball team continues to build its presence within the high school basketball community, we were commissioned to create a film showcasing the team’s skills and ethos over the course of the 2014 CAIS tournament.


Due to the hectic nature of a tournament schedule, the filming approach had to be adaptable and mobile. Using multiple camera operators on and off the court, the key goal was to capture the energy and emotions of the team.

Given the unpredictable qualities of live sport, the narrative was constructed by and large in post-production. From an interview sound bite perspective, the personality of each player and the team philosophies were equally-weighted with the game outcomes. It was integral to find and maintain the team’s voice as a means of understanding how they play.

As told by Timon, sound recordist:
“It was a great experience being on set at the Crescent shoot. To witness firsthand the passion, drive and sportsmanship of these young men was inspiring. I’m not much of a basketball fan, but by the second day of filming I found myself cheering for the team. After the shoot was wrapped, I really hoped we successfully captured the experience, because I knew we had the potential of a great film in our hands.”

As told by Nathan, editor:
“What a challenge. As my first project at Silverpoint I was really in for a treat. Fast-paced high school basketball that was intended to be a highlight reel for these budding basketball players—but it turned into much more than that. I was in charge of pulling a story out of these young passionate characters that were fighting for every inch on the court; it was my job to keep the pace throughout and hold the attention span of a wide array of ages.

The edit was a blend of “NBA 24 Hours” style cutting, with a heavy amount of stylized, snappy, dramatic scenes that take the viewer inside the court. I wanted the viewer to feel the passion that was on that court and how the boys and coaches wanted to get to the top. To finish it off, I added a gritty colour grade with hints of the Crescent green to bring everything together.”

As told by Michelle, motion designer:
“The cinematographers shot these awesome hero portraits of the players in an empty gym, which I used to show individual profiles at the end of the film. The non-traditional stat graphics were inspired by retro basketball and baseball cards. Ari had a lot to say about the boys’ personalities and player traits, so I pulled some of my favourite quotes and included them on their profiles. They differentiated the boys from one another as basketball players, which gave it a personal touch.”

The Outcome

Ultimately intended as a celebratory and team-building piece, the film also serves as an introduction to the players and Crescent’s basketball program both for members of the school’s community and the external basketball community.

View the full-length documentary here: Crescent School basketball documentary

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