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Detour Gold

First Gold Pour

2014 Silver Telly Award Winner – Corporate ImageDetour Gold Corporation is a Canadian gold mining company, whose primary focus is the Detour Lake Mine located in northeastern Ontario. In 2013, we filmed an award-winning documentary titled Detour Gold – First Gold Pour.


We were invited to capture the pouring of Detour Gold’s first gold bars, a very special event at the Detour Lake Mine. The film was for employees who couldn’t physically be there, and for investors to see that the mine was in production.

Detour Lake Mine


The first gold pour was filmed using a documentary approach. Documentaries give a sense of truth and genuineness when telling a story, and this was vital to the way we wanted to capture and tell Detour’s story.

Mining events like a gold pour happen in every mine site, so we needed to distinguish Detour Gold from any other mining company. We wanted to show the emotional and personal attachments to such a momentous event. By taking a humanistic and emotional approach to the film, we portrayed the success of the company through all the people whose involvement led to this exciting day.

Documentaries allow for adaptation and are perfect for capturing unexpected moments, which are anticipated at live events like this. Things often change or are unforeseen, and with that understanding, we are equipped and in a state-of-mind that allows us to accommodate quickly.

Detour Gold's first gold pourDetour Gold's first gold pourDetour Gold's first gold pour


Gold pours are often unscheduled for security reasons, which led to Silverpoint having less than two weeks of pre-production time before the big day. Even though we were shooting documentary-style, we used all provided intelligence to establish the majority of the storyline and shot lists prior to the event. On location, we worked in a small, mobile and adaptive three-person crew. Due to its guarded nature, only two crew members were allowed in the gold pour room at any point in time.

The outcome

The film shows the pride and excitement of the individuals that make up Detour Gold, and highlights the strong efforts and large number of people needed to reach this achievement. Upon its first screening, employees felt proud to be a part of the success, and viewers felt connected to the emotions of the day.

Silverpoint is proud to share that Detour Gold – First Gold Pour won a 2014 Silver Telly Award for Corporate Image.

All photos are courtesy of Detour Gold Corporation.

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