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The Power of Possibilities

Milacron is a global leader of highly engineered systems for the plastic processing industry – a global team, acting as one. One Vision. Infinite Possibilities.


Milacron needed a film to unify the company. They had recently acquired a number of companies within their industry and needed to amalgamate nine distinct product brands into one, not only for client communication but for the internal staff as well. They reached out to us to create a corporate film to help them achieve their objectives.


The challenge for us was to create a film that resonated with these diverse audiences, while also helping to bridge the connection between the product brands and the parent company, Milacron. To achieve our goal, we focused on the company’s ‘why’. A company’s ‘why’ is the passion, idea or intent of the organization. It is supported by facts, but intrinsically, at its most base level, has an emotional underpinning that resonates with audiences more deeply than a purely intellectual argument.

In the case of Milacron, their ‘why’ is realizing client aspirations by making the impossible, possible. From this ‘why’ statement, we created an anthem piece depicting inspired craftsmen working to improve and shape the world around us. In keeping with this emotional objective, we created a stylized film that evoked the passion and dedication of these individuals. We reinforced the unification of the product brands with the parent company at the close of the film. Here, the most astonishing products that are ubiquitous to society are shown, as well as the name of each of the company’s technology that made each possible. Then, each of the nine brand logos are shown rapidly before coming to a close on the company’s tagline, ‘One Vision. Infinite Possibilities.’, and lastly, the Milacron logo. This end sequence visually unifies all the brands under Milacron.

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