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Canadian Mining Hall of Fame

Ronald K. Netolitzky


The Canadian Mining Hall of Fame is an organization established to recognize and honour individuals that have made exceptional contributions to the Canadian mining industry.


The Canadian Mining Hall of Fame holds an annual ceremony at the Fairmont Royal York hotel with an attendance of over 900 guests to induct four new members to the Hall of Fame. We were commissioned to create a film for each inductee as a means to introduce them to the audience in an informative yet entertaining way.


Our approach was to not only illuminate the accomplishments of the inductee but also to let the audience get to know them as a person. By interviewing people close to the inductee and the inductee themselves,we are able to glean enough understanding to illustrate a dimension of that person that may never be revealed in the industry. We then spent time with the inductee to film them engaged in their passion or activity that brought out the dimension we wanted to depict.

Through a cinematic approach to the filming and motion graphics we also wanted to create a sense that the inductees were extraordinary. Not unlike the treatment reserved for sports athletes that highlight their prowess, we wanted to bring some of that feeling to whatever the inductees did. It created a notion that they achieved their place in the Hall of Fame through exceptional abilities.

The Outcome

This is the third year that we’ve been asked to produce films for the event, which was sold out this year. Each year the films have managed to help make the night captivating with their energy. This is reflected in the positive feedback we’ve accumulated from the audience and The Canadian Mining Hall of Fame. We’re always pleased to have the opportunity to meet and profile such interesting and inspiring individuals.

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