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Unionville Home Society

Finding A Brother

Hermes Creative Awards 2015 gold winner
Finding a Brother explores the relationship of two unsuspecting characters, a young kart racing prodigy named Russell, and John, an older gentle soul that lives in a long-term care home in Unionville. In this heartwarming short, we learn how a family bond can be born out of true kindness and love for one another.

This film won a Platinum Hermes award in 2016 in the Pro Bono category, the highest honour in the Award category.


The film debuted to a packed audience during the Unionville Home Society 2015 Dinner Party gala, providing a glimpse into this unlikely friendship, while encouraging donors to contribute to the worthwhile cause. Russell and family attended the gala, a true full circle moment for his mother Ann, who first learned of the unique volunteer opportunity for her son, upon watching the gala videos at the previous year’s Dinner Party.


Our team took a very organic approach to this project, with the understanding that all filming had to take place within one location, the Unionville Home Society. Taking this into account, we pursued a very elegant and considerate approach to filming, highlighting the emotional elements of the relationship. Accompanying this is a dynamic and deep sound design that was layered thick with a classic soundtrack.

To capture candid and genuine moments between Russell and John we observed them throughout their daily routines while taking a step back to avoid intruding on their time together. What transpired on film was an authentic story, the honesty behind their friendship and the bond that makes them more than just friends.

The Outcome

The film contributed to a successful event, helping to raise $85,000 to support initiatives that will make a difference in the lives of those living at UHS. It also documented the special relationship between Russell and John, showing the important role that volunteers can play in the future of long-term care for older adults.

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